Certificated by AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) FLC
Certificated by London Image Institute Consultant-Coach
Academy of Arts, UNESCO Culture Management and Culture Policy Master Degree, Art curator
Author of books. Style, Etiquette, Communications, Hospitality, Branding

Alvyda Jasilionytė
There is only one creative power and it acts on the principles of harmony ..
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Impression you make on others is based on how you look and behave.

Why is clothing the most eloquent human characteristic? Is not it because it is like a hieroglyph expresses man with everyday habits.
Honoré de Balzac

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Individual Consultations

Well-groomed people are considered to be “more pleasant”, are offered more opportunities, and are perceived as more likeable, trustworthy and honest.

Corporate services

The appearance of your employees significantly impacts your corporate image and the manners and prospects mark your company.

Train the trainer

Individual coaching for Image and Style consultants, beauty advisers, other professionals


Appearance, etiquette, courtesy and hospitality. (Articles in Lithuanian language)


Book Professional business appearance
Book How to behave in the theater
Book How behave around the table
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Civility counts – philanthropic movement

Please watch scene about behavior in the street.

Those who want to contribute to the topic of the development of scenes: in a store, office, on the road, in an exhibition, on a trip, and so on. your creative abilities or financial resources, please write: [email protected].

Civility’s defining characteristics is its ties to city and society. The word derives from Latin civitas, which means “city”, especially in the sense of civic community. Civitas is the same word from which civilization comes. The age-old assumption behind civility is that life in the city has civilizing effect. The city is where we enlighten our intellect and refine our social skills. And as we are shaped by the city, we learn to give of ourselves for the sake of city. Although we can describe the civil as courteous, polite, and well mannered, etymology reminds us that they are also supposed to be good citizens and good neighbors. P.M. Forni

Books of Alvyda

It’s real treasure for your personality success. Books in Lithuanian language.

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Rašau, nes noriu pareikšti savo susižavėjimą Jūsų darbu ir žiniomis. Gyvendamas Lietuvoje perskaičiau Jūsų knygą ir į segtuvą susisegiau visus Jūsų straipsnius iš žurnalų ir interneto. Jūs darote didelę įtaką tam, kaip Lietuva atrodys ateity, o tai, mano manymu, labai svarbu.


Vakar skaičiau knygą. Tai aktuali knyga kiekvienam save gerbiančiam piliečiui… Būtinai ją rekomenduosiu draugams, juolab kad daugelis jų – knygų mėgėjai, tarp mūsų – nerašyta tradicija dovanoti knygas. Taigi, manau, tokia knyga bet kam būtų puiki dovana!


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Open seminars for yours success. Seminars in Lithuanian language.


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